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So You Think You Want to be an Entrepreneur? What’s Your Motivation?

So you think you want to be an Entrepreneur? Learn how get motivated

By Amy Erickson A High Level of Motivation is Required to be a Successful Entrepreneur At Innovation Studio we talk a lot about owning a business and how to become a successful entrepreneur. Of course we talk about the benefits, the challenges, and the requirements of owning a business, but our best conversations are rooted in […]

Roxbury Innovation Center

Roxbury Innovation Center Resource center and Workspace

Roxbury Innovation Center 2300 Washington St, 2nd Floor, Roxbury, MA BOOK SPACE NOW! Innovation Studio is the manager of the Roxbury Innovation Center (RIC), a business Resource Center and Workspace with meeting room space located in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood. It is centrally located in Nubian Square on the 2nd floor of the Bruce C. Boiling. […]

AAA-Driving 2043 Advance the development of your startup through training and 1-2-1 advising from EV and cleantech leaders. DRIVING 2043 is an early-stage startup accelerator designed by Innovation Studio in collaboration with AAA Northeast to advance electric vehicle adoption in the U.S. Through this program early-stage startups will have a unique opportunity to advance the development of […]


SCALE The SCALE Startup Accelerator program is an exclusive partnership opportunity that connects industry leaders with top innovators and entrepreneurs  in to advance the launch and growth of ventures. Our programs offer pre-seed and seed-stage entrepreneurs an industry-specific immersion opportunity and access to experts in space. SCALE with innovation Studio The SCALE Startup Accelerator Program is […]