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Innovation Studio Entrepreneurship Navigation

Navigating the process of starting and growing a business is challenging, but you are not alone. Innovation Studio is here to help! Sign up today for a 1-2-1 Entrepreneurship Navigation consultation and let us be your guide.

What is Entrepreneurship Navigation?

Entrepreneurship Navigation is a free 1-2-1 consultation with an experienced Innovation Studio team member who will provide tailored advice, resources, tools and connections that meet your individual business needs. Whether you are just starting out or looking to pivot or grow an existing business our team can help you create a pathway to success.

Who Should Use this Service?

Anyone looking for guidance or resources to support starting, pivoting or growing a small business or startup.

How Will I Benefit?

There are many great resources, services and tools available, but it can be overwhelming. Our team will assess your business and then provide recommendations to help you achieve your goals. You will gain access to the resources you need without googling and guesswork.

We will provide you with upcoming program and service offerings occurring throughout the ecosystem, make introductions and connections to experts, advisors and provider organizations, offer advice and recommendations and provide follow up and ongoing support as needed.

Start Your 1-2-1 Entrepreneurship Navigation

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