The LAUNCH! Pre-Seed Program is a series of cohort-based chapters designed to support and meet the needs of all those who have the desire to start a business but are not sure where to begin.


The LAUNCH! Pre-Seed Program is a series of cohort-based chapters designed to inspire and guide anyone interested in developing a validated business model for the sole purpose of discovering the path to a product/service market fit. It is designed to support and meet the needs of all those who have the desire to start a business but are not sure where to begin.




In four sessions, participants will learn the characteristics necessary to become entrepreneurs by taking constant work actions. In addition, they will recognize the obstacles and opportunities to make better decisions at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey.

Entrepreneurs-In-The-Making will dive into  the main characteristics necessary to become an entrepreneur.

Researchers have conducted studies on successful individuals within the business world, discovering a consistent set of personal characteristics that are linked to a higher level of success.

Data shows that these characteristics are present, to a greater or lesser degree of development, in all people, regardless of their background or level of education. Identifying, recognizing and eventually developing these characteristics is an important factor for better entrepreneurial performance and even more so for all those who wish to become entrepreneurs.

Each person has as part of their personality structure strengths and weaknesses, which together make up what the authors have called: Personal Entrepreneurial Characteristics that are linked to success not only in business but also in everyday life. That is why we must be aware that the first and most important asset in entrepreneurship is you!

Creativity and Innovation - What is it? How do you apply it?

Both are terms that are used frequently nowadays and their meaning is assumed or associated with certain products, services or even brands. But, in reality, learning what they are and what importance they have is extremely necessary for the development of any business.

In this session, Entrepreneurs-In-The-Making will discover their capacity for innovation by letting the creative juices flow, allowing them to identify and generate not just a simple idea, but a good and profitable business idea.

Have you ever heard the phrase, "A knack for business?"

Someone is said to have a knack for something when that person has the ability to find or recognize something. In business, this ability can be innate or it can be learned.

The analysis of the environment prior to any activity that means the construction of a business is key, since it allows to analyze the different aspects that the initiative will face, it also helps to validate if there is a market, competition and the viability of a business idea.

The business idea must face different circumstances for its development, among which are the market, similar economic activities, social and demographic behavior, policies towards the sector, infrastructure and others that define whether or not the venture can be developed.

In this session, Entrepreneurs-In-The-Making will learn to distinguish between the general environment that they have no ability to influence, at least directly and immediately, and the more specific environment that we will call the market environment where we will analyze competitors.

How many times have you thought or said: I have a great idea! I have an idea that no one has done before! My idea is unique! Unfortunately, that's not true… someone somewhere is also thinking about it or actually already doing it.

In this session, Entrepreneurs-In-The-Making will learn how to deconstruct every idea or notion of business idea they have. This process helps to identify and analyze as many solutions as possible leading to  a potentially profitable and scalable business.

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In six sessions, participants will develop and validate a business idea, gain a deeper understanding of their customers and pick up on the different financing options for startups and how to decide the most appropriate model for their business.

Reality as we know it can be transformed with business models that are born, grow and become tangible with the clear purpose of improving the world. We are committed to finding solutions to achieve prosperity and social mobility.

Discover what it means to be a game changer by putting into practice their skills, knowledge and experience to solve the challenges, through the creation of a business idea.

Let’s discover the problem!

Many have either heard or said the phrase, “Teamwork makes the Dream Work.” That is because teamwork maximizes individual strengths by leveraging the strengths of  multiple team members. The team is then able to utilize everyone's strengths without being held back by areas of improvement.

Ideas often grow exponentially, when participants are encouraged to think quickly and without fear of judgment. Rapid ideation uses the power of groups to create a volume of new ideas/solutions that are evaluated shortly thereafter.

In this session Entrepreneurs-In-The-Making will discover the power behind a team, but above all, the power behind an idea that will change an entire reality.

Who has the problem?

The expression "opening a can of worms" means trying to solve a problem and to solve a problem we need to know the root cause and what the pain is.

In this session, participants will learn to better understand who their customers are through a deeper exploration of their environment, their unique view of the world, and their own needs. We will get into the customer's mind and find out what they think and feel at the moment of making a purchase decision.

Let’s create a solution!

Will your business idea change the future or will the future change your business idea?

A well-formulated problem is half the solution, so one of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs is turning their ideas into workable plans. Anyone might think they have a solid idea, but taking thoughts from paper to action can be much more challenging. In this session Entrepreneurs-In-The-Making will learn how to turn a business idea into a business model.

Let’s develop the solution!

Once you have early validation that your idea may have viability, how do you define your target market and target audiences? How do you decide which features your product/service should have? How do you prioritize the features of your product/service?

This session will help Entrepreneurs-In-The-Making research and define their target audience and create a basic user persona. You will be introduced to techniques to turn your customers’ observations into product/service features and how to prioritize the features for development.

Let’s finance the solution!

No matter how good a business idea may be, an essential element of a successful startup is the ability to obtain sufficient funds to start and grow the business. While many people finance their startups with their own capital or by borrowing money from family or friends, there are other options available. But startup founders should understand that getting money for a startup is never easy and often takes longer than anticipated.

In this session, we will review the main sources of funding available for any startup.

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In four sessions, participants will learn how to build a pitch deck for future presentations to potential clients, investors and pitching competitions. They will define and refine their personal pitch story, improve and overcome any fear of public speaking.

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"Through the LAUNCH and PITCH programs and through my mentor I was able to get over that fear and I was able to pitch and I was able to win."
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